Project Description

A gentle, tender-hearted, and very loving soul, Remy would love to find himself as your best friend. He just turned five years old and his weight at about 80 pounds is just right. Remy, who has been well loved and cared for, comes to us from a family that could no longer keep him.

Remy is delightful! He’s house trained, been fine with free roam of the home, and knows some commands. While he may be a tad reserved at first, he is a polite and warm greeter who is friendly with all big and small. In his former family he slept with the children. His leash manners are very nice, and he loves his walks! Remy greatly enjoys the company of other good-natured dogs and requested: “May I please have a dog brother or sister in my new home to pal around with?” We were told he’s fine with cats. Toys and retrieving are bit of a mystery. Knowing he adores you is no mystery at all!

His foster mom adds:

“I love how very gentle and sweet Remy is. He’s easy going, mellow and very affectionate. Remy prefers to be in the house with me rather than outside. Interestingly, he prefers to ‘do his business’ on our walks and will wait til we go outside together. His favorite food is boiled chicken. You can add kibble or canned food, but it’s the chicken he relishes.”

“The best family for him? One where someone is home more than away – he’d love it if you worked from home — and who enjoys a pup ready to lend a paw in all you’re up to.

Loving and lovable, Remy will be a delightful addition to one very lucky family!