Project Description

Friendly, affectionate and playful, Richie is about a 1.5 years old and 47 pounds of fun on four paws!  He found himself lost and then a resident of a crowded Kansas shelter.  Fortunately, he caught the eye of our rescue partner who got him safely to us.

“Life with my foster dad is a lot more fun than being in a shelter cage!” wags Richie.  This pup is crate trained, doing well with house training, has mastered sit and is working on some other commands.  He walks nicely on leash and loves his daily walks.  He’s a friendly greeter who might forget to keep four on the floor!   Richie gets along well with other dogs, is happy to share his toys and even happier to run around with them. “I looove recess!” he woofs with a wag.   He also mentioned he loves to chase small critters.

Richie’s foster dad knows him best:

“What do I like best about Richie? Watching him play in the backyard…bounding, prancing, frolicking, stalking, and living his best life.  Richie is still very much a puppy.  He is very sweet and wants to please but needs to learn impulse control and work on basic obedience.  He is super energetic. He loves running outside, playing with other dogs, playing with people and going for hikes.  He is sweet and likes getting attention.  He still does some puppy chewing so he needs his own things to chew on like Kong toys.

“I think Richie will do best in a home that will have the patience to train a puppy and deal with the occasional accident or chewed up sock as he grows up.  He also needs an active family that will provide him with lots of exercise (hikes, runs, dog park, etc.).  I also think he would do great with another dog to play with, help show him the rules, and build his confidence.”

“So let’s get acquainted,” wags Richie. “Can’t wait to go home and sit and stay with you forever!”

Please CLICK HERE if you are interested in adopting Richie.