Project Description

Riley loves being a homebody and hanging out with his family. A perfect size at 58 pounds, this ten-year-old chocolate Lab comes to us from a busy and growing family who cared for him for eight years, but no longer can give him the attention he needs.

“Life with my foster dad is good!” wags this pup. Riley is house trained, crate trained and a happy, waggy greeter when meeting new folks. Our treat-motived boy knows sit and is ready to polish up his down and stay, as well as learn some new commands. Friendly and affectionate, he enjoys a belly rub and relishes all the loving and kind attention a family can shower on him. His former family reported he was patient and playful with their children. His foster dad reports he’s ready with cuddles and kisses.

While Riley lived with an older female Lab until she passed away a few years ago, he now needs to be your only dog as he is very reactive to all dogs both on and off leash. If you are looking for a Lab to be an “at home” buddy – not one to walk the neighborhood, take to dog parks or hike with as he is highly stimulated outside by critters and the sight of other dogs — Riley may be the pup for you. He has a great sense of adventure and may head out an open door, especially if there is a pesky squirrel in sight! A six-foot privacy fence is required in his new home.

Our vet discovered Riley’s oral health was in need of attention. He has a dental scheduled to ease his discomfort, make eating (a Lab fave!) a lot more enjoyable, and to brighten up his smile for his new family. Thanks to a grant from the Grey Muzzle Organization we can provide this dental care to improve the quality of life for our senior Labs like Riley.

During these times of staying close to home, Riley is looking forward to being by your side as your loving and very best homebody friend!