Project Description

Smokey is a dear pup who is relishing his lucky second chance at a well-loved life. Just about a year old, he weighs a healthy 55 ish pounds now. A neglected and abused stray, he was rescued from a small under-resourced rural Arkansas shelter where he became ill and lost ten pounds. Working quickly with our rescue partner, he was hospitalized and got the care he needed. Happily, he recuperated speedily in a caring foster home before travelling to us in Colorado. Before his rescue, Smokey had clearly never known human kindness. A gentle soul without a mean bone in his body, he has made great strides in learning to trust and realize life is pretty darn good in these parts!

Smokey’s foster dad (who is one of our trainers) and T-Bone, the resident Lab, have patiently supported Smokey on his journey from unloved to loved. He reports Smokey is becoming more confident each day but will probably always be a dog with a sensitive temperament.

Smokey is house trained and fine with free roam of the home. The crate was likely used abusively in his prior life and is not viewed as a safe place. He’s happy to sleep on your bed at night and loves to cuddle on the couch. Smokey is starting to enjoy short neighborhood walks and feel more comfortable meeting new people when out and about. He loves other dogs and is very playful. ‘Frolic’ and ‘scamper’ are two words that come to mind! Smokey relished the snow we had the other day and had some crazy fun. “I love to watch him play!” remarks his foster dad.

He tells us about the best home for Smokey:  “An experience dog owner will be best as will a quieter home with someone who has a great deal of patience and who would be with Smoky most of the day; someone willing to go that extra mile for him knowing there’s a reward for them both on that road. I think a second playful well-balanced dog is important too and would help him see life is good from a dog’s eye point of view.” Smokey is eager to steal a very special someone’s heart. Might it be yours?

NOTE: Smokey is temporarily taking fluoxetine (Prozac) to help him feel more comfortable as he learns about all the good things life has to offer. Under your vet’s supervision, it can eventually be tapered off.

Smokey came from Arkansas. As part of his routine vetting, he tested positive for ehrlichia and anaplasmosis, common diseases from a tick bite found in many dogs in that part of the US. Per a common protocol, he was treated with and completed a standard course of common antibiotics. Our vet is available to answer any questions you might have.