Would you like some sunshine in your life every day? Our cheerful Miss Sunshine might just be the best friend, ready with a smile and wagging tail, who you’ve been longing to meet! A lovely lady of a certain age, 10 years we think, she is a perfect 70 pounds. She’s been a mom to some lucky puppies in the past and was found wandering around a Texas town for a while before she was taken in by our rescue partner and then on her way to us.

With a calm personality as warm and delightful as her name, Sunshine is house trained, fine with free roam of the home and loves everyone she meets. She has pretty good leash manners when you use a front clip type harness and enjoys two walks a day.  Sit, down and maybe shake are part of her repertoire. Sunshine is friendly with other dogs, and she and the cat in her foster home get along well.

She’s a “sometimes” girl when it comes to retrieving and toys. Sunshine loves a good bone and appreciates having one to occupy her when you’re out. “Gives me something fun to do ‘til you get home!” she wags. All in all she’s a friendly, affectionate Lab who’s pretty comfortable in her own fur.

Sunshine enjoys hanging out with her good natured foster brother. “He’s quite handsome,” she woofs with a blush. A family where someone is home more than way will be best. Being left alone for long lonely hours is not our social and very loving girl’s cup of tea. It may take her a short time to feel secure you are coming back since she has had many changes in her life.

A perfect “10” on the sweetness scale, Miss Sunshine is looking forward to brightening up every day for one very lucky Lab lover!