Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily

Project Description

Miss Tiger Lily is a lovely, well-mannered lady of certain age who is definitely part Teddy Bear! She’s ten years old and a “curvy” 68 pounds. “If I could lose a couple pounds, I think my swim suit would be a little less snug,” she wags. Tiger Lily ended up as a stray at the shelter she was adopted from as a puppy nine-and-a-half years ago.

Much more a Lily than a Tiger, our girl is a delightful guest in her foster home.  She’s house trained, fine with free roam of the house, is a polite greeter and quite nice on leash walks which she loves. Our treat-motivated girl quickly figured out sit and is working on some other commands. Tiger Lily gets along well with other dogs and enjoys their company, but she is very protective of her food around them. No issues with people. In a multi-dog household this is something that needs to be managed.

Her foster mom tells us more:  “Tiger Lily is very affectionate and companionable. She will quietly lie on her bed next to me while I read or work on the computer. She gets along well with the two dogs at my house (unless there is food around, a situation I manage) and likes to prance around with my younger one. She likes stuffed toys but sometimes chews the ears off them.  Overall a well-behaved girl, she has shown no interest in chewing on ‘illegal’ items.  Tiger Lilly has a high prey drive, so you will never have rabbits or squirrels in your yard again! I’m guessing a home with no cats will be best.”

Super happy and well mannered, Miss Tiger Lily is looking forward to being your personal four- legged Teddy Bear!

Please CLICK HERE if you are interested in adopting Tiger Lily.