Project Description

This cute little guy is Tucker! He’s about six months old and 35 pounds.  His ancestry is a bit of a mystery, but he clearly has a heaping dose of the “adorable and perky” gene.  A stray, Tucker comes to us from a shelter in Kansas with the help of a rescue partner.

Tucker was a bit overwhelmed when he first arrived and much in this wide world of people, dogs and things has been new to him.  He’s learning a lot in his foster home where he loves playing with his good-natured foster brother and sister.  Not sure what he thinks of cats. Tucker is crate trained, house training is coming along and he’s looking forward to learning things like ‘shake’ and ‘stay’ that the big dogs know.

More from his foster mom:

“Tucker is a playful, happy go lucky puppy. Loves affection. He is a goofy puppy learning boundaries. Much is new to Tucker. He is cautious but curious with new things and can be vocal if they seem scary. Once he learns all is ok, he is good.

“He loves playing with his foster brother and sister. He pals around with them all day. Lincoln introduced Tucker to the toy box. He likes to pull all the toys out. Lincoln and Tucker play keep away and love tug-of-war. Tucker loves mealtime. He is Mr. Happy Feet. He gets so excited, he just makes you laugh. He likes naptime and cuddling with one of his new foster friends.

“Tucker will do great in an active home. Once he gets to know a dog, he is a great friend. He needs structure and a loving family who will continue to set boundaries. He’s one to take advantage when given a chance!

“A fun story about Tucker: Tucker’s first experience with falling leaves was a bit overwhelming for him. The leaves would hit him on the head, and he would react each time. He would retreat back to us for safety and repeated the cycle until he learned the leaves were ok!

“Tucker is a typical furry goofball. His puppy adventures and antics make you laugh. It is rewarding to be a part of his quest to understand and learn new things.”