Project Description

Hi everyone . . . I’m Zephyr!  I ended up at an Arkansas shelter when all my more “colorful” litter mates found homes and no one wanted me since I was just a black puppy. The shelter (and me too) never lost hope there would be someone for me, and along came Safe Harbor! I’m about seven months old now and weigh 40 pounds.  The vet says I’m kinda skinny and should gain about 6 more pounds.  Do you have snacks?

While the shelter staff took very good care of me, I love being with my foster dad.  I’m house trained, crate trained, know some commands and am pretty good on the leash. Since everyone is a potential friend, I do need to work on my greeting enthusiasm a bit.  My dog pals describe me as playful and easy going. Don’t know what cats would say. My faves?  Going for walks and hikes, playing with a Kong and chew toys, shredding plush toys, and cuddling with people.

My foster dad adds:  “What do I like best about Zephyr? How he instantly becomes everyone’s best friend! Zephyr is about the friendliest dog around. He wants to say ‘hello’ to everyone (people and dogs) and be their new best friend. He loves getting attention, but he is also happy to relax on a dog bed with a Kong. He’s very happy going on walks, hiking, and I think with water too (he was very excited to splash about in a stream). He’s food motivated and has taken well to training activities. He’s still very much a puppy, and needs supervision and approved chewables.

“It will be important for a forever home to give him lots of exercise and continue his training. I think he would really like another dog in the family.”

So let’s get together soon and make some plans for an adventurous and fun-filled life together . . . one with plenty of cuddle time too!

Please CLICK HERE if you are interested in adopting Zephyr.