Living with some land has been good for sweet Prima.  This yellow girl is finding space to explore her new forever home.  Life on her new frontier is full of discovery with all the wildlife acreage has to offer.  All this fresh air helps Prima seize each day, knowing some games and belly rubs will be close behind.

We some updates:  Prima rescued us about a month ago.  She came into our home with some understandable anxieties having to adjust to a new environment.  With our morning and afternoon walks and playing her favorite game of chasing balls on our 5 acre home, she has quickly adjusted to the excitement of exploration and new smells of little critters and the deer and elk that cross our property.

She has responded so positively to the love and attention she so deserves.  She now greets us every morning with excitement in her eyes and her wagging tail.  She is so happy, and lovingly responds to her belly rubs.

We are working with her to get her use to our motorhome as we get ready to take her with us on our annual road trip to Arizona.

She has added an extra special love element to our home.

And here is the latest on Prima:  “She is turning out to be the sweetest girl; we are fortunate we get to spend a lot of time together.  We can tell she now feels safe and secure; she is so happy and so are we.  She is also so smart and eager to learn and please.  Thank you for allowing us to adopt her.”

Thank you, Pat for fostering and facilitating Prima!