Like a puzzle piece, Putzy fits in perfectly with her new family.  She found the people who knew she was worth the wait while recovering from some health issues.  The energetic two-year-old blonde has thrived with Michelle, Rob and their boys.  All of the play and love the family of four shares with Putzy has made this delight a happy and healthy lab.

Putzy’s new family sent us an update:

We had fallen in love with Putzy just by seeing a couple of pictures on the Safe Harbor website.  She came to our family in 2021 as a “special needs” dog since she had a heartworm condition, and the adoption process took a little longer since Safe Harbor wanted to make sure that she was healed before adopting.  Putzy is an absolute love bundle, about two years old, and the heartworms certainly did no damage to her BIG HEART.  Some of her hobbies include: Chasing after a frisbee, having rough play dates with our neighbors’ dog Augie (a black Lab also adopted from Safe Harbor!), sitting with anyone on the sofa being petted, playing tug-of-war with humans or Augie, chasing the ball, and catching any kind of “flying food” that comes as a treat.  Putzy was very, very thin when we first got her, and it has been a great joy to “fatten her up” to a normal size.  We love Putzy and would not want to spend one day without her anymore!

Thank you Cathie for facilitating Putzy’s adoption.