Barry and Sharon have owned two black Labs in the past, including Sirius, a Safe Harbor alumnus. When they were ready to once again open their home to another lucky Labrador, they came back to Safe Harbor and adopted their first yellow Lab; a beautiful eight-year-old gent named Rad. True to his name and breed, Rad is a totally awesome boy with a tail full of wags and a heart full of love, which he’s always ready to share with friends, both new and old. Rad’s new mom tells us that he’s a bit of a daddy’s boy, but we’re sure that this people-loving pup thinks his mama is pretty doggone special, too.

Sharon sent us an update on life with Rad: Well, Rad has been with us for about a month now. He is a really quiet, mellow dog. He just wants to be where Barry is. He’s ok with me but would rather be with him.

He has had a few “oops” episodes, which were as much my fault as his. The first one was Easter Sunday when we went to early church and breakfast and left him in the house as it was snowy and cold. He found the Easter candy on top of my dining room table and helped himself (not all of it but about half). The next episode we were going to be gone in the evening, so once again left him in the house. This time he found a small can of nuts, got the lid off and ate them all. Then Barry took him to my brother’s farm. They have 2 black labs and just put food out and those dogs eat whenever they want to. Well, Rad decided to avail himself of their food, cleaning almost all of it out. He was sick for about 5-6 hours and was finally better the next day. The only other episode we have had did not involve food. Once again, we left him in the house but I made sure there were no snacks low enough for him to get into. This time he knocked a new plant over – I think trying to see out of the big picture window waiting for us. The plant has survived and we have not had any more incidences.

Another story about him is his reluctance to go to bed until Barry is ready. He lays on a blanket right beside his chair at night and, even though he has a very nice bed of his own in our bedroom, he will not go there until Barry is ready. I think he is so afraid of being left again that he has to keep his eyes open watching.

My husband went to Denver today to pick up a Havense 4-month-old puppy at the airport. Our grandson bought it for us for a Christmas present, thinking we were ready for a “lap” dog. We are hoping that Rad will be a good mentor and help us with the transition to a puppy. I hope that they become great friends and companions.

Thanks again for “Rad.” He is our first golden Lab but is really a good boy.