Liz and Dave now have two fantastic flavors of Lab as 2ish-year-old black beauty, Radar, has joined their gorgeous chocolate boy, Zeek, for a lifetime of family fun.  Radar is thriving with his new active, loving parents, and the new four-legged brothers have quickly become great running buddies as well as cozy couch chums. radar-zeke-and-liz-287087

Radar’s new mom sent us this update: Radar is a wonderful dog and quickly (like within hours) snuck into our hearts. My reasoning behind getting another lab was to provide a friend for my current 1.5 year old lab, Zeek.  However, Radar has become our best friend too and we love to tromp around in the woods, hunt for grouse, and watch the Broncos.  At the end of a big day we all cuddle up on the couch or sit around the wood stove and watch the snow fall.

I owe much to the folks at the SHLR as they were able to transport Radar up to the mountains for me and introduced Zeek and I to our new best friend! I apologize for the not so good photos!  Have you ever tried to get two toddlers to settle down and sit still? You get the idea!