The charming and cheerful four-legged teenager hanging around Susan and Terry’s house these days is a handsome hunk of chocolate Lab named Ranger, who joined his new family at the ripe young age of nine months. Like many Lab youngsters, Ranger is an eternal optimist who always sees the bowl as half full and is a life-of-the-party kind of guy who brings the fun with him wherever he goes.

We received a lovely note from this thoughtful pup, who has apparently been studying hard and perfecting his “pawmanship:”

“My name is Ranger. I picked out my ‘fur-ever family’ on September 6, 2020. They are so lucky to have me. I am the smart, handsome year-old Chocolate Lab with the bright star on my chest, which is why they called me ‘Ranger.’ Sue likes to call me her ‘Rescue Ranger.’ It took her a month to figure that one out. I live with my elder, Beagle Bailey. Her brother, Bandit, crossed some bridge recently, which is why they were looking for a new pack member. I also live with a yellow Lab named Molina. She is being raised to be a service dog and will leave our pack for college soon (professional training in California). The tears have already begun, so I have to do my best to entertain Terry and Sue. I provide comic relief. I love my new home even though I have to work for my kibble learning manners and commands. Sue helps me burn off my youthful energy, and Terry allows me to be a lap dog. Thank you, Safe Harbor, for helping me find my new pack. I love them so much!”

Many thanks to Melody and Rich for fostering Ranger!