Gunner has a new home, a new name, and a new lifestyle that might make other black Labs turn green with envy. Gunner now proudly answers to the name of Ranger, which lets all the woodland critters know who is in charge when he accompanies his forester dad to work. Whether he’s working with dad or hiking with mom, five-year-old Ranger has been thoroughly enjoying life on the go since joining Joy and Damon’s family.

Ranger’s new parents tell us:  Ranger has been learning new things every day! Today he went out for his first trip in the boat. It took him a minute or so to work up the courage to jump in, but by the end of the day, he was like an old pro, though at first, he did fall off the dock into the water which was pretty, which is why we put the life vest on him. He learned how to swim last weekend and can’t get enough of it.  Here are some photos from his big day today and a few more that show him on the trail. He doesn’t even need a leash on our walks, hooray!

We sure like Ranger and he is adapting well to our lifestyle. Today we went up one of my favorite trails up near the continental divide. Ranger had a great time fetching sticks in one of the ponds. Last weekend we went camping and he did great staying near the camp site. When we saw some moose, he didn’t bolt after them. Good dog! He was plenty tired after our big hike and crashed by the tent. 

The funniest thing he does on the trail is when we reach our limit and turn around to head downhill, he gets super stoked and races down, then races back up to me. Looks like he’s charging in for the kill but it’s all love and happiness. He sure knows how to have fun.

Thanks so much, we just love him!