Ranger is home on the range, in the mountains, and on the couch — wherever his new parents, Amanda and Wesley, may roam. This athletic two-year-old black beauty is in Lab heaven these days, whether exploring the great outdoors with his family, romping with doggy pals at the park, or catching a quick cat nap with a favorite stuffed toy. “Family life is the life for me!” Ranger woofs contentedly as he rests up for his next big adventure.

Amanda and Wesley recently sent us an update on their boy:

Since joining our family in March, Ranger has been the best thing we’ve ever done for ourselves. When we brought Ranger home there was definitely an adjustment for him into his new life and home. He has since gained 20 pounds and dinner time is his favorite time of day! He even does a little dance before eating. So far, he’s graduated basic obedience training and has come a long way since we first adopted him. Some of his favorite things are playing fetch, hiking, going to the dog park, and snuggling on the couch. He’s definitely known as the fastest dog around at our local dog park. He has become your typical silly, playful lab and has never met a stranger. We love him so much and he has changed our lives forever. Thank you, Safe Harbor, for all that you do!