Five-year-old Rango is home on the range with his new dad, Chuck, and he’s having the time of his life. He’s still learning the lay of the land, but with plenty of room to run and stretch his legs, and lots of ballgames, walks, and training sessions with dad on his schedule, Rango is one tired and contented pup when his head hits the pillow at night.

Chuck tells us: Rango has been a wonderful addition to my family (of one). He is very well mannered and pretty well trained. When he first arrived at his new home, he basically went “WOW!” I don’t think he had ever been off a leash and able to run free before. I have a 35 acre farm on the prairie. He is learning about new textures with his feet! I don’t think he’d walked or run on gravel or in fields before…but he is learning. He is still pretty edgy about getting too far away from me, but I expect that will improve with time. He very much wants to please and do the right thing. I’m teaching him some new behaviors and eliminating a few others, but I am truly amazed at what a fine dog he is. Thank you so much for your efforts to find Rango a new home.