Red-y Betty and Bea are two lovely Lab sisters who are quite sure that the eleven candles on their last birthday cakes were the result of human error. “I mean, take a look at these marvelous muzzles and girlish figures and you’ll clearly see that we’re just a couple of pups in our prime,” Betty exclaimed with a wink and a wag. No matter how many years they have behind them, there is no doubt that there are many good times ahead as these lucky girls have found a new home together with Margaret and Michael, who will make sure that they are loved, spoiled, adored, and celebrated for the rest of their days.

Margaret and Michael sent us an update after their new pups had settled in:

We would love to share a little bit about our new girls, the 11-year-old sisters who grew up together but sadly lost their family. Their names were Red and Blackie until we met their doganalities and that evolved just a little.

Red is now Red-y Betty. She’s all in, all the time, no matter! Heading toward the back door or kitchen – she’ll beat you to it. Let her out and she makes a beeline to swim in the lake. Betty is happy to rake leaves, stare down squirrels, go for car rides, watch late night movies, greet the UPS man, do the laundry, go get the mail, and anything else that comes along. She’s a happy companion, greeting everyone with a big smile and lively tail.

Her BFF is little Miss Bea and what a sweetheart! They definitely have a system and I cannot imagine them without each other. Sweet Bea is a little timid and always lets Betty go first, standing back a tiny bit until Betty gets a treat and then she joins in the fun. Miss Bea goes to Betty every day, lays down in front of Betty’s face and asks for a facewash. I’m not kidding – I’ve never seen the likes. Bea wants to cuddle and lean but turns into a prancer/dancer when she’s in the yard. She kicks up her heals, prances in front of you about an arm’s distance, then spins around and prances right back for a reassuring scratch. Tell her ‘good girl’ and she does it over and over. So happy and cute!

If you have room in your home and heart for a senior Lab, please just say yes! Our elderly girls are gentle, cooperative, smart, lazy, huggy, well-behaved treat-beggars. They sleep in until we get up, go to school with me, (I teach my online college classes from home and they sleep through my lectures) and are well over the puppy-shenanigans. They are so easy to live with and bring a great deal of joy. What could be more perfect?!

Our thanks to Margaret and Michael for opening your hearts and home to both of these girls and giving them the happiest ever after that they could have dreamed of!

Thank you to Joe H. for fostering Red-y Betty and Bea!