Reese was just a five-month-old baby dog when she trotted into David and Barbara’s life. She quickly made herself indispensable as the purveyor of puppy kisses, stealer of hearts, wagger of tails, and all-around keeper of the fun. Like most Labs, Reese is convinced that every day is the best day ever, and she happily shares her puppy joy with all she meets.

Reese’s new parents report:

Every lab has a personality and Reese’s is bigger than life. Our new baby girl loves tummy rubs, treats, toys, dismembering toys, chewing shoes, puppy food, cool grass, gallons of water, and fetch. She is as soft and cuddly as she is strong willed. Adaptation to a new place has to be scary for any puppy but as the rules are being defined and training progresses, she is adapting well. We still have an occasional accident and getting up on the couch will always remain a lifelong goal. Our 7 walks a day are typically highlighted by 5 poops and the thorough investigation of whatever used to dig right here. SQUIRREL!!!

About a week after she moved in, she knew all of the neighbors and has become a favorite. The ladies from the office next door come over during the day just to ask her to go for a walk. Her first visit to the vet won their hearts immediately because she has this look of innocence that just melts your heart.

Every pup is special, but her great temperament, playfulness, curiosity, and adventurous spirit make her super special. Remember that sometimes an adventure begins when you learn to go down a couple of stairs.

Many thanks to Melody and Rich for fostering Reese/Reyna!