When four-year-old Remi first met her new mom, this lovely Lab girl had no idea how much her luck had just changed. Having gone from wandering the streets alone to all the comforts of home, Remi is thriving in her new life as a cherished member of Adrienne’s family, and her comfort level and dogging skills grow stronger every day.    

Adrienne tells us:  When Remi (formerly Jackie) first came home, she was a shy little girl who was nervous to leave my side. On walks, she would attach herself to my leg and jump at any unexpected noises. We went through a difficult period of separation anxiety, where it was triggering for her to be left alone for even a minute at a time. Through all of this, it was clear that Remi was an incredibly sweet dog with a strong desire to be loved. We enrolled with a trainer early on and she has been making huge strides in her confidence level since!

Remi was picked up as a stray, so it’s hard to say what her early life was like. She has clearly been a mommy several times, yet she didn’t know how to play with toys or fetch. A fellow rescue friend of mine warned me that the day Remi did learn to play was going to be the day that my heart broke open. Just yesterday, we were hanging out in the backyard and I saw her pick up a bone, lay down with it and start chewing. This is probably a normal scene for most dog owners but it brought me to tears: it was the first time she had ever picked anything up and it meant that she was relaxing enough to do what came naturally to her. As Remi settles in, she is mastering learning about all the neighborhood bunnies and plants. She is quick to request a belly rub and enjoys being tucked into her bed at night. With the world being so chaotic, I cannot imagine my life without her at my side and am so grateful that SHLR connected us.