Puppy love has been in the air at Amber’s house ever since an adorable 5ish-month-old Lab lad joined the family last month.  Now known as Remington or Remi, he is settling in and gaining confidence every day as he learns how to navigate the big wide world and spreads his puppy joy and a little mischief along the way.

Remi’s new mom tells us:

We have been extremely blessed to have Remi join our family. This guy has a bigger personality than any dog we’ve ever had. Remi is very affectionate, funny and minds quite well (for a 6- month-old puppy).  Remi seems to have some abandonment issues that we are still working on, but he has made huge strides. He has to be next to one of us at all times — just being able to see us isn’t enough.  Remi will cry until you come out of the room or you let him in.  For a while he seemed to be kind of apprehensive about getting in a vehicle.  I’m wondering if he was afraid he was going to be dumped somewhere.  After about a week he started to enjoy going, especially if he gets a puppuccino or some other treat at a drive thru.  He still isn’t 100% sure about the car, but we have taken him camping twice and he loves it so I think he’s starting to associate the vehicle with fun.

Remi had been on his best puppy behavior while with both of his fosters, but nearly everything we were told he started doing the opposite on about day 2.  I guess he got comfortable and realized we were his people and he didn’t need to turn the charm on for anyone else.  Chewing has unfortunately been the one big “no no” we are working on.  

Every day when my husband (and only him) gets home from work Remi greets him with a smile, teeth showing.  We believe that Remi was meant to be a member of our family and can’t imagine life without him.  Safe Harbor was so super easy to work with and we will definitely refer other adopters to them as well as look to them for our next adoption.