What a good boy! Ten-month-old Remmie is doing his doggone best to get on Santa’s ‘nice’ list as he looks forward to sharing his first Christmas with his very own family. John, Mary, and their daughter, Jackie, have welcomed young Remmie into their home with open arms, loads of love, and lots of lessons — all mixed together with a good sense of humor and a healthy dose of patience for dealing with teenage puppy shenanigans.

Jackie sent us an update on their new chocolate love:

We absolutely adore our sweet Remmie! He is an energetic ball of love and he always makes us smile! He loves his new home and he loves to find a comfy spot on the couch with us most of the day. He doesn’t know his own strength and often times thinks he’s a lapdog! Remmie loves his toys- although they don’t last long. He loves to chew, throw and fetch. He enjoys taking long walks and loves going on car rides. He’s been snowshoeing, swimming in the lake and even to some doggie friendly breweries!

He is getting used to our two cats and really wants to play with them. However, he is doing really well giving them the space that they need until they warm up to him! Remmie’s favorite thing to steal are socks of any kind. We are still teaching him basic cues like “leave it” and “no bite” because he is just a sweet little puppy with strong teeth. He is a quick learner and he’s such a good boy. We absolutely adore him and we love him to pieces! He is the biggest blessing!