From the first day we met our sweet Remo (formerly Cadbury) in 2009, we fell in love with him. He fit right in his new home with us. How he loved running on our 6+ acres in Pine, CO! Then after three years living there with Remo, we moved to Georgia. We knew he missed Colorado, but as long as he was with us, he was a very happy Lab. Remo enjoyed our drives to Cincinnati, OH from Georgia to visit our daughter and her family. When they decided to get a little lab puppy, Lyric, in 2013, he was Remo’s best friend. Whenever those two got together, they would chase each other and play tug of war with a tennis ball…too funny!

The nine years Remo was with us were the BEST! He loved everything and everybody. How he loved to rest his head on someone’s shoulder when they knelt down in front of him. He was a lover boy! Remo loved his 50+ stuffed animal friends! Always had to carry one in his mouth.
It was sad seeing Remo slow down and disease start taking over his body. He was so strong through it all. He passed away just short of his 13th birthday. We miss him terribly and will hold him in our hearts forever.

Loved our Remo Boy so very much!  Thank you SHLR for our Remo!
Nancy & Jeff Tellock