They’ll need one more chair at the Thanksgiving table (well, a Lab can dream) at Frank and Donna’s house this year, since a lovely Lab lady named Riana will be celebrating her first Thanksgiving in her new forever home. Six-year-old Riana recently joined the family, and she tells us that this holiday season she is thankful for her wonderful new home, her new Lab brother, tennis balls, turkey dinners, tennis balls, her fabulous new parents, and tennis balls!

Frank and Donna sent us an update on their new girl: What a wonderful day, when Tiana (now Riana) became a fabulous member of our family. She has settled in and is comfortable exploring all the exciting things in her new surroundings. She has bonded with Donna and me and is enjoying being around and competing with our other lab rescue, Rembrandt, retrieving her tennis balls in her new half-acre lot home. Riana thrills to chase and retrieve tennis balls endlessly!

Riana was bashful and shy when we first met her, and it took 30-45 minutes for her to allow us to touch her, but now she is an integral part of the family and asks for affection. We are so excited that Riana has now adopted us as her forever parents. She obviously had basic obedience training and is now studying and practicing for an advanced degree, including advanced AKC competition skills. She is one smart lady!