Ripley is now living the life of Riley with his new dad, Ray, and canine sister (and SHLR alumna), Olivia. Riley joined the family last fall as a six-month-old pup and has quickly become an upstanding young Lab citizen under the tutelage of his new big sis and doting Dad.

Ray sent us an update on his handsome new pup:

Riley is such a sweet and goofy boy. I am so glad that he is part of my and Olivia’s family.

Riley and I have been working on a lot of basic training, and Riley has graduated from the Boulder Humane Society’s Basic Manners Course with flying colors!

It has also been such a great experience to be able to expose Riley to the trails and mountains. On Christmas Day he experienced “real” snow for the first time and was so happy romping through deep drifts of white powder. We are also slowly increasing the distance and duration of our “hikes” (it’s more of a slow run with Riley) and he has climbed to the top of Bear Peak in Boulder twice so far. There are plenty of 14ers in his future this summer. Olivia has been a great teacher for Riley with off-leash training. Riley is making great progress off leash, and it is so much fun to see him running at full speed and so happy doing it. Riley is such an amazing pup and I am so lucky to be his Dad.