Riley, the Red Yellow Lab, came south to her new forever Home Ranch on 2 acres in a small Southern Colorado town in a February snowstorm. Riley was escorted home by her new “pack mom” Sierra The Golden, who has helped our past young dogs learn “how to be a family dog.”

Riley has almost mastered the concept of “Sierra’s space” and she will — Sierra is a master of persuasion and Riley is a kind, gentle dog. The foster team had a worry over Riley’s size and “rambunctious” greetings, but she was calmer at meeting us than most of our previous dogs. Her demeanor and behavior since arriving home has been excellent. Her commands are solid for a big teenage puppy and are getting better. Riley came home to a big doggy bonus — a visiting playmate in a local friend’s 90+ pound Chocolate Lab rescue who is 3 months older. The two Lab teenagers are deep into playing and playing and then sleeping. They will also eat (food not each other).  A wondrous thing was found lurking in the dog toy box — a Miraculous HyperSpiff Magic Kong Tug Toy. This toy is a guarantee of worn out Labradors in short order. The Big Choco-o-lab pretty much gets to drive the tug, but Riley is sure she is steering so she keeps tugging, too. All in, we have had a great experience with Riley so far. Riley is mellow, friendly, and controlled for us, and sleeps through the night (the SHLR writeup was correct — she does like sleeping with Dad. She likes walking in our back pasture, the wildlife smells and sitting on our enclosed deck minding the deer and bunnies. The Lab Life here is Good.