Brenda and Randy have added another gorgeous blond to their family, and this time it’s fabulous five-year-old Rocco. Rocco joins his new lovely, golden-haired sister, five-year-old Sandy; and if that’s not enough lucky fives for one family — Rocco is their fifth Safe Harbor Lab! Thank you, Brenda and Randy, for making yet another lucky SHLR Lab’s dreams come true.

Brenda writes: Rocco, formerly Drogo, came to join our family Randy, Brenda and five-year-old Lab sister Sandy, on September 13. We had just lost our former SHLR boy, Ziggy, who had been much loved for the last eight years of his life with us. He was “daddy’s boy” and Randy was not sure that he was ready to give his heart to another dog. We already had our “new” girl, who had just joined our family in May. All it took was one look at the picture of Rocco though, and my husband couldn’t resist meeting him. You see, he is the spitting image of another of our SHLR boys, Bailey, who we had to send over the Rainbow Bridge back in October of 2016. I still was not sure that Randy would be willing to bring Rocco home but, when I asked him if we were going to take him home with us the day we met him, Randy said, “How could we leave him?”

Rocco has experienced one late-season camping trip, play in the creek along with his sister, Sandy, and terrorize the “chippers” (chipmunks). When we first brought Rocco home, he didn’t seem to know how to play with another dog but, with Sandy’s persistence, he has become a great playmate. They constantly do “zoomies” around the couches in the living room. I told Randy we may need to be replacing carpet within the next six months. The house is only four years old…oh well, as he has said to me while watching them play, “It’s a beautiful thing.” Rocco has filled an empty spot in the family and we are so grateful to be the proud parents of yet another SHLR dog. We look forward to having many, many years of loving him.