Proud dad William didn’t want his pup, Rocky, to miss his moment in the limelight, even though a bit of time had gone by since his 2014 adoption. It’s never too late to brag about your fabulous family members, so here’s Rocky’s very happy new beginning story as recently told by his dad: I don’t know why it’s taken me three years to send you a pic of our dog Rocky, but here he is.

We adopted Rocky almost three years ago from Safe Harbor. He’s turned into a really great dog. He was already crate and house trained by some wonderful foster parents when we got him. The rest was easy. He learned quickly and has never been a problem. No chewing, no accidents, no nothing. He is just the sweetest, most adorable dog ever. We love him so much. When he came to live with us he barely knew how to catch a ball. Now he’s an expert ball player and an outstanding Frisbee catcher. He loves to play. Another of his favorite games is to push his toy Scooby down the stars. If you toss it up just right and he lands standing up, Rocky will push him with is nose and watch Scooby roll down the stairs. It’s a hoot. And Rocky love to go camping. We go almost all year and he just loves when I get the truck out. He can’t wait to get in.

Thank you so much for helping us adopt Rocky. He is a real joy. Our thanks to William for adopting sweet Rocky and treating this lucky pup to a life full of love and fun. Adorable Rocky is pictured with a guest appearance by his buddy, Scooby.