When is a foster dog not a foster dog? When he unpacks his bowl and decides to stay forever! That’s what young Rocky did as soon as he saw what a fabulous foster home he had landed in. This 1.5 year-old boy took a good look around and knew that if he could just convince his foster family that he was already home, he could check off all of the items on his puppy wish-list: a warm, loving home, soft beds and comfortable couches, two squares a day, wonderful parents and teenage human siblings, as well as a canine big sister, ready to join him in a lifetime of fun and frolic. And the rest is Lab history.

Rocky’s new parents, Katie and Pete, tell us:

We have fostered for Safe Harbor for over 2 years and have had about a dozen foster dogs in the that time period. We have two Safe Harbor Dogs, Sampson and Bailey. We lost Sampson this spring, he passed away peacefully at our home. Sampson left a big hole in our family, but our girl Bailey can be particular about who she hangs with. She always tolerates the fosters that we bring into the home and is a good to them, but has a hard time letting her guard down. When I let Rocky out of the car after picking him up at Alameda East, we saw a side of Bailey that we had never seen. He immediately went into playful mode and hasn’t looked back! Rocky has an infectious personality that has truly taken over the family. Rocky is all puppy and loves his people, Bailey and playtime! The two dogs are inseparable. Rocky loves hiking, chasing the ball and playing. He’s not sure what to think about the neighborhood Elk but is getting used to them being in his yard.