Roger and Barbara added a large helping of Lab love to their family when they adopted 7ish-year-old Chester (nka Rocky). This big, gorgeous, very light yellow Lab boy was very scared when he first arrived at Safe Harbor, but those days are in the past and he is now comfortably settled in and is living large and loving life in his new forever home.

Rocky’s new parents write:

Rocky_201605_250pxWe were fortunate to find and adopt Rocky shortly after we lost our dear Duke unexpectedly from FCE. Rocky has been a joy to us and our Golden Retriever, Jack, who was heartbroken after the loss of Duke. The boys love each other and sleep and play together all of the time. Rocky loves the open space behind our house and hasn’t met a dog he hasn’t liked. We can’t wait to take him camping this summer.

Thank you, Safe Harbor for Rocky!