Sweet Rocky is the latest lucky pup to join Ari and Craig’s family.  Like most young Labs, two-year-old Rocky is proving to be an avid outdoorsman and has been having the time of his life accompanying his parents on a variety of mountain adventures and bounding and bonding with his yellow Lab brother, Sammy.

Rocky’s new parents write:

Five years ago our lives were enriched by the addition of Benny (AKA Romeo) through Safe Harbor Lab Rescue, so when we suddenly lost him, we knew that we could be blessed by checking out their website again.  We considered getting a puppy, but then God reminded us of what that entails and how great Benny was as a one-year-old rescue. He led me to check out the SHLR once more and there he was – Hunter. His bio sounded just like what we were looking for. A week or two later we met him and knew right away that he was trainable and was ready for his forever home with us. We did prefer the name Rocky and it seemed like he learned it that day!

The first weeks were filled with learning routines, lots of fun exercise, and gentle discipline. Rocky may have been abused in the past and he is a sensitive pup and cautious with new situations, but he is really adaptable and wants to please. He is so sweet, smart, and affectionate so it is hard to understand how someone could mistreat him. At first, passing other hikers on the trail was really scary for him.  Now he understands that we are all just out having a great time. He was nervous to go to doggie daycare at first but now settles in and knows we are coming back for him.

He has gotten to experience many new fun things in the first two months with his new family. He has been on many hikes, has been fishing, skiing, snowshoeing, and bicycling. He likes to sniff out local rabbits and squirrels but also finds it very fun to take away his brother’s ball or stick and trot around with it. He has blessed us in many ways as well. He has brought back that unconditional love towards us, that affection and tons of kisses, and has gotten our other three-year-old Lab playing more.

We are thankful to SHLR once again. They helped us in a time of need and even more than that, they helped Rocky in his time of need. We both hit the jackpot!