Winchester is now Rocky, and this one-year-old pup has been on top of the world ever since he found his home with Jen and Mike. Rocky’s new family also includes a teenage human sibling as well as a canine big sister, Ally, who has been busy showing the new kid the ropes. Rocky looks forward to a lifetime of family fun and companionship, and he can’t wait to roll up his sleeping bag, grab the marshmallows, and head out on his first camping trip.

Jen sent us an update on life with their new boy: It’s been almost a month since we brought Winchester home. He’s on his 3rd name as Winchester/Chester wasn’t fitting him. We then moved on to Decker and that still didn’t work. Not that he wasn’t responding, the name just didn’t fit him. We finally landed on Rocky and he has taken to it. We love camping in Rocky Mountain National Park so it seemed fitting.

He is a very good listener and such a snuggler! He loves to snuggle up and has to have at least a paw on the human that’s near him. He has gotten along with our five-year-old Foxhound mix, Ally. He’s good at listening to her “commands” and “teaching.” They love to be outside running around the yard.

We go on walks nearly every day and he’s been good on a leash. He needs some training as he gets pretty excited around other dogs and goes a little crazy when he sees rabbits. Rocky is our third Lab and first from a rescue. We wouldn’t have it any other way. He has stolen our hearts!