Romeo entered our lives as a Senior. We adopted him in April 2017, he was nine. Such a distinguished gentleman, with his frosted features, he was a classic Black Lab mixed with a bit of something else. He captured my heart the day we met. This precious soul suffered from severe separation anxiety among many other insecurities. He was terrified of loud noises, thunder-storms, fireworks and sudden movements. Through lots of love and patience, Romeo began to settle. His true personality began to emerge. He was never able to completely let go of the horrible fears he had, but he was able to seek comfort and security in his family.

Romeo shared his home with two cats and another Lab friend named Buddy, also a senior. They were quite the pair. Their noses were in everything, especially anything involving food. They were my shadows. Constantly by my side. When Buddy was diagnosed with Cancer, Romeo knew. Through surgery Buddy was able to spend another year with us. We lost Buddy the end of May this year. The grief that followed consumed our household, including Romeo. At the age of 15, it was more than Romeo could handle. Romeo passed away at home four months later. We miss them both greatly.

I want to thank Safe Harbor for rescuing Romeo and guiding all of us through the process. I am truly grateful for all the help and encouragement that Safe Harbor provided. Their knowledge and resources helped us to better understand Romeo’s anxiety. Romeo is our fourth Safe Harbor Rescue. I am confident that he will not be our last I like to think that Romeo and Buddy and all the other sweet furry souls are out there running and playing without fear or pain just waiting for us to join them one day.