Two-year-old Rose is the second lucky Safe Harbor dog to find a forever home with Laurie, Russ and their son, Logan. She is doing a fabulous job of following in the pawprints of their previous Lab, Old Yeller, who had joined the family at three years old and taken great care of them for the next eleven years. Rosie has stepped right in and is clearly taking her new role of beloved family Lab very seriously.

Rosie’s dad is particularly smitten with their new girl, and wrote the following “ode to Rose”:


Everybody Loves Rosie

We were blessed to have added the sweetest, most lovable dog to our family. We were looking for several months to replace “Old Yeller” – the best darn dog west of the Mississippi. Yeller passed away after a legendary life of chasing squirrels. My wife tried several times to add to our pack, but the timing never seemed to be on our side. Finally we received notice that we were first on the list for a Lab who was rescued during Hurricane Harvey.

Rosie has exceeded our wildest expectations. She is so good-natured, chunky, beautiful, and just wants to squeeze in between us whenever we sit on the couch. With the exception of pulling off a Kahlua pecan pie from the counter during the holidays ( I can’t blame her – it was too tasty) she’s been perfectly behaved. Rosie feels like she has always been a part of our family. Thank you so much for bringing this joy into our lives.