Emily and Chad, and their kids, gave themselves a very special Valentine this year when they adopted a five-year-old pup named Rosie. This beautiful black Lab girl is the perfect treat for the whole family, and she couldn’t be happier that they thought outside the box this Valentines Day–after all, who needs chocolates when you can have “Rosies”? Rosie is settling in well, catching up on her lessons, constantly refining her cuddling skills, and thoroughly enjoying the busy life of a family Lab.

Rosie’s new parents tell us: Rosie has been such a wonderful addition to our family! We got her on Valentines Day and felt it fitting to keep the name Rosie. She is so sweet to anyone who comes in contact with her. When we go to the dog park she will greet other dogs but prefers the people.

Her favorite things are walks, eating snow, chewing on her bone (preferably with peanut butter on it), and getting snuggles from the kids. She has been such a good girl not chewing or jumping and staying off the furniture. Although the kids love to sneak her into their beds! We are working on walking on the leash and fetching which gets better each day thanks to our dog trainer, Carole. We are so thankful to Safe Harbor for all their support in Rosie’s transition!