Howdy, I’m Rowdy, and I’m now a family guy! Rowdy is thrilled to announce that he is a forever member of Lindsay and Stuart’s family, and has been enjoying all the perks of the position. This 1.5-year-old pup is living and loving the good life, whether out on the go or just hanging out at home giving his toys a workout. No matter how full his schedule, Rowdy is ready to take a break at a moment’s notice and curl up with a parent or two, because he knows it’s always cuddle time somewhere.

Lindsay and Stuart sent us an update on their beautiful pup:

Previously named Slick, Rowdy was not so ‘slick’ in capturing our hearts. We stumbled across Rowdy’s bio, and instantly knew we had to meet him. Seconds upon entering the foster mom’s home, we knew he was the one. We were eager to take him home! In the month since we’ve adopted Rowdy, we have been so very happy. He brings so much joy to our lives! He loves a good ole tennis ball (one could keep him occupied for hours). Squeaky toys are his favorite (still working on putting away our toys, as he loves to give them all a good squeak in a twenty-minute time period). He is picture perfect and has mastered all the pictures mom takes of him. And let us tell you, the SNUGGLE IS REAL. Rowdy loves a good snuggle! He is a shadow by our sides all around the house, and he loves a good romp around the yard with his long limbs. Thank you to Safe Harbor for finding this guy and taking such good care of him…he is pawsitively the perfect match!