Gloria and Greg had been fostering SHLR Labs for about a year when Rowdy came to stay.  He’s their lucky Foster #13 and is fondly known as their “foster failure.”  He captured their hearts with his big floppy ears and playful 6-month-old ways.

Having spent the first few months of his life in a small apartment, Rowdy is enjoying his big back yard and his daily walks with Mom where he gets to meet other dogs and humans.  He loves his doggie toys, but the stuffed toys don’t last long with his puppy playfulness.  Toys that squeak are his favorites!  He relishes being part of the family and does not want to be left behind!  He’s always ready for a walk or car ride or wherever his new forever family is headed.  He is working on his retrieving skills, which seems to work best when treats are involved.  Interestingly, he does not enjoy water – somewhere that Lab gene went missing with him.  While some of his manners need improving, he’s a smart cookie who will do just about anything for a treat, and he keeps Mom company while she works from home, often curling up under her desk for a nap.

Mom and Dad are thrilled to have Rowdy as a part of their family and are looking forward to continuing to foster.  Rowdy is ready for a revolving door of foster playmates down the road.  “Everyone is my friend” he woofs!