Once upon a time there was a doggie damsel named Brinkley who found herself looking for a place to call home.  After a stint on her own, this five-year-old pup learned that a life on the loose was definitely not her cup of tea.  As luck would have it, some kind folks helped her find her way to Safe Harbor and she was now curled up in the warm comfort of a wonderful foster home.  Things were really looking up, and it wasn’t long before she heard that a family would be coming to meet her. “Will they like me…will I be the one they’re looking for?” Brinkley woofed, wondered, and worried, as she waited for them to arrive.  Then she caught sight of her reflection in a nearby mirror and knew that few would be able to resist the foxy, red-headed bundle of Lab sweetness who was smiling back at her.  Sure enough, she was soon loading up her tennis balls and sporting her best collar along with the brand-new name of “Ruby” as she hopped into the car with her fabulous new parents, Anna and Dave, for the ride home to her exciting new forever.  Anna and Dave report:Ruby is a real gem!  She was a trooper and endured the seven-hour car ride back to New Mexico like a pro. As her wonderful foster Mom, Pat, told us, it’s all about the BALL! Ruby loves to go to the park and chase balls! She’s a quick learner and although she was hesitant at first, she is now a doggie door champ! We have started basic obedience classes and Ruby’s the best dog in the class, (okay, she’s also the only dog in the class – but hey, private lessons!) she is catching on so quickly. Our goal is to continue training and help her earn her Canine Good Citizen status so that I may bring her to my Kindergarten Classroom with me – I know the students will love that (they have heard all about our beautiful girl) and it will make work so much more enjoyable to have her with me. Her gorgeous color garners a lot of attention and I have learned so much about red fox Labs (had never heard of them prior to meeting Ruby). I cannot thank Safe Harbor enough for this wonderful gift. I am quite smitten with our new girl!Many thanks to Pat for fostering Ruby/Brinkley!