Natalie was looking for a laid-back Lab who could enjoy spending the day either surfing the couch or hiking the trails, and she found the perfect mix of indoor chill and outdoor athleticism when she met lovely chocolate Ruby, formerly known as Henna. At seven-years-old, with (most of) her puppy shenanigans behind her and years of training, learning, and mellowing under her belt, Ruby is a great example of the many benefits that often come with adopting a mature Lab, as her new mom tells us.

Natalie writes:  “Ruby is such a gem. I could not be more pleased with having adopted this adult (7-year-old) lab. Ruby loves the outdoors, hiking, swimming, and playing fetch. She is the best dog as she was fully potty trained, knew basic commands, has picked up many more since her adoption, and is eager to please. Ruby is the reason why people love Labradors. She is ever-loving, always happy, tail wagging, no barking, not a beggar, takes treats nicely, is a sucker for a belly rub, and great with kids.”