One-year-old Ruby is the latest gem of a Lab to join Ted and Stan’s family. This lovely girl has two dads all to herself, and it sounds as if she already has them wrapped around her little paw. Ted and Stan are both retired and have plenty of time to devote to training, loving, and spoiling their new pup, and they enjoy taking her along on frequent family outings, both near and far.

Ruby’s new dads tell us: Ruby’s original name (Spring) just didn’t seem to work, and she didn’t respond to it anyway. We decided to rename her Ruby Mae. We have had three labs–Onyx, Pearl, and now a Ruby. Of course, we may have to change the name again to “Mother Teresa” since she is so good for a one year old Labrador. She loves to play, take hikes with us, and (fortunately) ride in a car. We have always traveled with our dog, even though, finding a pet-friendly motel can be a challenge.

We are very impressed with Safe Harbor Lab Rescue. They, obviously, have taken excellent care of our little angel. “Little Angel” doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a few bad Labrador habits (like stealing food off the kitchen counter). That habit is in a state of correction known as “work in process”.

Thank you, thank you, for all the good work done by all the SHLR volunteers.