After noticing that he was listed as a senior on his most recent resume, eleven-year-old Luke had a bone to pick. He pointed out that since II is only 2 in Roman numerals, he is clearly still a youngster. Lab math aside, there is no debating that Luke is a young-at-heart boy with a lifetime’s worth of love left to give to his new family. Now known as Rufus, this lucky pup has found his home with Molly and Mark, and happily shares his parents with his new Yorkie siblings, four-year-old Gus and six-year-old Daisy, and a kitty who declined to discuss his age. Being a most genial gent and a great doggy diplomat, sweet Rufus has fit right in and been accepted by all the littles, winning the Yorkie vote in a 2-0 landslide and scoring a net positive feline approval rating after just four weeks of forever family life.

Molly and Mark tell us: Rufus has had to adjust to two crazy small Yorkie mixes, Daisy (queen of the blankets) and Gus (on the green blanket). Rufus is still not sure what either of them wants when they bring him a toy. He has several beds but prefers the simple life of a blanket on the floor. He loves to walk around with us and help aka trip us when we do chores. If he feels ignored he won’t hesitate to throw his paw at us and show us the handsome droopy eyes for some scratches. He will fool us with his age and have puppy spurts and roll and attack the closest blanket. He loves all the smells in the backyard and will from time to time try and chase the other two who are usually running laps around him. This old man has been a great addition to the family and even the cat agrees.