Sarah and Brad have added a six-year-old Lab love named Ruger to their family. A happy, handsome, chocolate chap with an easy manner and a ready wag, Ruger is thrilled to be home with his new parents and can’t help bragging to all his dog friends about having two fabulous kids of his very own.

Ruger’s new mom tells us that their new pup is fitting right in and making himself right at home:

We are so lucky to have found Ruger! He loves everyone, but he’s my husband’s shadow. He follows Brad around everywhere and lays close by. He loves to retrieve balls on our daily walks; when he gets tired, he just keeps the ball in his mouth the entire walk back to the house. He is great with the kids and likes to be on the floor with them. He’s learned the noises of the family coming home, but gives a hearty bark when people come to the door. He was really well trained – and even learning new things. What a great match for our family!