Meet Rupert the Rad!  This stunning two-year-old boy is now the proud owner of his very own dad, Chris, and though Rupert doesn’t like to brag (much) he did mention that his new dad comes with two (!) new homes for Rupert to romp and play and nap in.  Whether they’re enjoying the sounds of the city or their mountain paradise, these two guys are right at home with each other and have a fun-filled forever to look forward to. 

Chris sent us an update on his new pup:  On Rupert’s first night at his new home, he pitifully placed his head on my bed as if to ask, “Can I please sleep here?” With one quick pat on the bed, he was up and in my arms in a heartbeat and has spent a considerable amount of snuggle time there ever since. Rupert loves his new home and proudly shows off his toys and frisbees to anyone who stops by to meet him.

Rupert has been getting to know both his new home and his new weekend getaway in the mountains, where he has learned to be in awe of other animals like elk, marmots and even bears. At two years old, he’s definitely an active dog and loves his multiple walks per day and hikes on the weekends. He’s always down for a game of catch and still looks surprised when he gets his own rawhide as a special treat. He’s definitely a daddy’s boy and that’s just fine with me. He’s all snuggles and tail wags when we’re together and that is what makes him perfect.

I can’t thank Safe Harbor enough for all of the work they do and for bringing the two of us together. The process was seamless, the staff and volunteers are amazing and I can’t speak highly enough of his foster mom, Christa. What a great team!