Steven recently opened his heart and home to two wonderful Safe Harbor Labs. Three-year-old Rusty, a handsome yellow fellow, and his new sister, Luna, a lovely eleven-month-old chocolate pup, are thrilled to not only have found their new forever dad, but to also have each other as built-in playmates.

With two new pups at home, Steven has been busy working with Rusty to help him overcome some trust issues, while also perfecting his meal planning skills as he tries out various diets to help with Luna’s sensitive skin. Luna is still very much a puppy and is keeping him on his toes, as evidenced by her recent lightning-fast snatching of a muffin right out of her unsuspecting dad’s hand. When it comes to athletic pursuits, Rusty has turned his nose up at efforts to convince him that all Labradors like to swim, and so far has opted to stay dry. While swimming competitions may not be in Rusty’s future, he and Luna both have talents which may make them well suited for Wrestlemania. Steven says that the pups spend all day playing, mostly “play fights”. Luna loves these matches and can never get enough; fortunately, her new big brother is a gentle giant who makes sure their doggie fun doesn’t get too ruff for his little sister.

These lucky Labs have found their home together and can now look forward to a bright future full of fun and companionship, with their new dad by their side.