Rusty sure does turn heads, but don’t think he is just another pretty face.  This four year old chocolate has depth.  He is the whole package that brings his new family everything they wanted in a Labrador.  Owen, Donna and Rusty are a happy trio of snuggles, smiles and fetches.

Owen and Donna gave us an update:

We believe Chip (now Rusty) is enjoying his new home as much or even more than we are enjoying him. What a great big wonderful bundle of Chocolate Lab! Rusty just keeps getting more at home as time goes by. Just look at his smiling face. Everyone that meets him has something to say about what a good looking dog he is. From the solar panel sales ladies who said what a handsome dog he is, to the high schoolers walking to school who see him on our walks and just ohhhhh and awe about him. He has all the traits of a Lab that we adore. Boy does he ever like to retrieve! A stick, a ball, or a rope toy, it doesn’t matter. He’ll go get it and bring it back to you. He is by our side whenever he can be, and loves to snuggle with us on the couch. He does love meal time, but isn’t too crazy when gulping down his food. Oh, and he doesn’t bark. Rusty has been a wonderful addition to our home. Our home feels complete once again!

Many thanks to Sue and George for fostering and facilitating Rusty/Chip!