Jen and Todd doubled their fun and their family when they adopted a gorgeous little four-year-old black Lab girl, Ryder, and soon after brought home her new brother, a handsome two-year-old chocolate chunk who proudly answers to the name of Daly.  Both kids are thriving as beloved family dogs and are thrilled that in addition to fabulous parents, they always have a live-in bff in each other,  Jen and Todd tell us:In 2011, we adopted Bogey and Mulligan from SHLR. We lost Bogey in Oct 2019 and Mulligan in Jan 2021. We were heartbroken and hated the emptiness of the house, so we reached out to SHLR to let them know we were ready to add two new Labbies to our family.  We met Ryder (formerly Stella) in February and gave her a few weeks to settle in before we added Daly (formerly Ranger) to the mix. We couldn’t have asked for a better combination. Ryder is beyond sweet and learns commands very quickly, always wanting to please. She was a stray and naturally is quite timid of people, which is why Daly is her perfect companion. He is a young goofball who wags his tail with his entire body and loves all people. He has helped her find her confidence and feel safe. While Daly is a good 20 lbs heavier than her, she quickly took the role of boss in the house, which he was happy to comply with. Daly loves to carry stuffies around, which in turn causes Ryder to decide it’s time for a game of tug. There have been many stuffy casualties.

They spend most of the day either playing or napping together, rarely do you find them apart. We are just now starting to venture out with them, and they especially love our socializing practice at local breweries (we don’t mind it much, either). We are looking forward to hiking this summer and taking them on a road trip or two. We adore them both. They have brought so much joy and laughter back into our home.

Many thanks to Samantha and Jen and Lisa P. for fostering Ryder/Stella, and to Kathy and Jeffrey for fostering Daly/Ranger!