When six-year-old Ryder heard that he was going to a foster home, he figured he would have a place to hang his leash for a few days while he enjoyed some home-cooked meals, caught up on his beauty sleep, and started interviewing potential forever families. Once he arrived and met his fabulous foster parents, Donna and Ted, his plans quickly changed. Ryder, a big, affable yellow Lab with movie star good looks, knew it was time to turn up the charm, bat his big brown eyes, and convince these great folks that he really should stay with them forever. We’re happy to report that Ryder’s plan worked and he and his new family are now living happily ever after together.

Ryder’s new parents tell us:  “Ryder is the sweetest, most gentle soul who fills a hole in our family since losing our SHLR lab Max in May. His older brother Bilbo, also a SHLR alumnus, gave us his stamp of approval to invite Ryder to join the family. Bilbo and Ryder seem to like each other and tend to stay physically close to each other throughout the day.

Ryder is a friend to all dogs and people. He LOVES to play fetch with a tennis ball or frisbee! He arrived with pretty good manners and knew a lot of commands already. He is still working on not pulling like a tugboat when on walks. Fortunately, he is very treat motivated and is willing to do most anything you want if food is involved. Snuggling and receiving rubs are on his top five things to do in a day. He is very affectionate, especially in the mornings. He’s an easy dog for one so big, and he seems completely unaware of how handsome he is! Ryder is an old soul who has found his forever home and we love him very much!”

Thanks to Donna, Ted, and Bilbo, for fostering Ryder, and congratulations on the beautiful new addition to your family!