Sadie is now known as Ollie, and this gorgeous four-year-old black Lab girl is loving every day of her new life with Bonnie and Kathleen.

Ollie’s new family filled us in on her happily ever after:

The Sweetest Girl on the Block

Ollie (first known as Sadie) travelled a hard road before she came to Safe Harbor, and she arrived in Denver with a bad infection from her former life as a stray. But Safe Harbor and the excellent vets at Alameda East knew just what to do, and “Sadie” had a life-saving operation. When we met her at her foster home, she was feeling a lot better, but she still had a big incision on her tummy and wasn’t feeling her perky best. But we knew she needed to be with us. We brought her home the day after Christmas, and it wasn’t long before the cone was off and the stitches out! Now, a couple of months later, Ollie is quickly gaining a reputation as the sweetest, mellowest dog on the block. She even got to dress up and go to work with Bonnie (a professor) for Anthropology Day, where she helped Bonnie spread the word about the 15,000 years that dogs and humans have been living together and learning from one another.

Ollie’s favorite things are walks in the park, where she gets to say howdy to lots of dogs, her next-door neighbor, Bob (a miniature Schnauzer), treats in a Kong, a squeak toy named Hedgehog (a gift from the neighbors across the street), and snuggles. Her sweet disposition and goofy, sweet personality have us wondering how we got so lucky. The whole family is incredibly grateful for Safe Harbor and all the amazing work they do to save dogs like Ollie!