Two-year-old Sadie, formerly known as Rayne, had spent much of her short life in rescue prior to her arrival at Safe Harbor. After recovering from some medical issues, this young girl was more than ready leave her past far behind and find a family of her very own to love.  When Sadie had a “meet and greet” with Juergen, Collette, and their daughter Lisa, she was so excited that she crossed her paws twice, spun around three times for good luck, and hoped with all her doggie might that they would choose her to join their family.  All of this hocus pocus must have worked because Sadie is now home with them and thoroughly enjoying her new role a resident lucky Lab. sadie_new-beginnings_2016-081_1

Sadie’s new parents sent us an update on their pup: “Sweet, Silly Sadie” – that’s how she is affectionately known in our home. Every day she does something to make us laugh and shows us another side of her unique self. Her first few days with us she was a little timid and shy, but she soon opened up once she realized she was home to stay. Giving her a daily routine of walks and playtime has greatly helped her develop that sense of permanency. She now realizes how she fits into our family.

Her favorite things to do are running around the yard with her toy chicken, playing fetch, or lounging outside on her doggie cot. In the evening when we are relaxed and watching T.V., she loves it if someone sits on the floor with her to cuddle and give the oh-so-favorite tummy rub! Sadie’s abundant, lively affection has been the perfect healing balm to our hearts after losing our previous Safe Harbor rescued lab to cancer back in May of 2016. We needed Sadie as much as she needed us and it has become the perfect union!
Sadie is pictured with Juergen, Colette, and Lisa, on adoption day and playing with her favorite chicken.