The ravishing redhead with the big brown eyes is a sweet-as-pie, 7-year-old Lab dame, who now proudly answers to the name of “Sadie”. After arriving at Safe Harbor, Miss Sadie underwent surgery for a tumor removal which also involved removing part of her jaw, so these days her pretty pink tongue hangs jauntily off to the side, which only adds to her considerable charms. Despite some rough times in the past, Lady Luck is smiling down on Sadie now, and her best day ever was definitely when she was chosen by her new mom, Mikayla, to join her family. Mikayla has been working diligently to help her new girl catch up on her lessons and sharpen her social skills, including participating in a group obedience training class to help Sadie overcome her nervousness around unfamiliar dogs. With her new mom by her side, there’s no doubt that Sadie is gaining confidence every day and will be walking into her bright future with her head held high.

Mikayla sent us an update on Miss Sadie: Sadie is adjusting to her new life with me. Since adopting her, it seems like we’ve been on the go and Miss Sadie is doing very well in keeping up with it all. We’ve had a lot of family events and traveling around the state to everyone’s houses. She is an awesome travel companion and likes to see new places. Sadie has become the official office dog and everyone at work loves her, gives her lots of treats and goes for walks with us. Due to her jaw surgery, Miss Sadie’s tongue is one of the first things people notice about her. Overall, though everyone says how sweet she is. She’s a great companion, adventure buddy, keeps me on my toes, and has been such a great joy to have. Her favorite thing is to curl up with me and hang out. She enjoys walks, toys, treats (of course), and just hanging out on the back deck.

Thank you for taking such great care of her while she was in foster care and getting all her medical needs attended to. She is definitely deserving of another chance at life and I’m so happy that it’s with me.