Sadie was our second SHLR rescue and she was the sweetest dog we have ever had. Our first SHLR Lab was a super athletic typical American Lab but also very sweet. Sadie was always more of a couch potato so the two made for an interesting duo.Sa But I think that is what made it work out so well since they were “siblings” for eight years. We used to call Sadie a “glab” because she definitely seemed to have some golden mixed in her. All my piano students loved to pet her because she was so super soft. Sadie lived for kids. My piano students visiting every day were the highlight of her day. When we became grandparents she absolutely adored all the babies. When we bought a place in the mountains she just loved to follow me everywhere walking around our property but she would never run off. Sadie was with us for almost 11 years but we knew we had to let go when her legs just started to give out on her. She looked so sad this summer when we went up to the cabin and she didn’t have the strength to walk with me anymore. We hope you are running happily again now sweet Sadie.